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february 24, 1888

Mr. S.C. Freeland, of Peabody, one of the parties who have purchased the Rink building in this city for the purpose of opening here another livery stable, made this office a friendly call, Tuesday. He expects to move over soon and begin the work of remodeling the structure which he thinks will require a month of two to finish. He comes well recommended, and the RECORD is glad to give him welcome.

Barney Lantry has bought another seven thousand acres of land in Chase County, making about fifteen thousand acres he now owns. The time is coming when no man will be allowed to own that much land, and it ought to have come long ago.

The city council met Monday evening with Baxter, Carter, and Walton present. Ordinance No. 154, providing for a six-foot sidewalk on Main street, between Elm street and Lincoln Ave., failed to pass.

Some weeks ago, the RECORD referred to the dingy and filthy condition of the court room, and the hall and stairway leading thereto. We are now glad to see the needed fixing and cleaning going on. The whole place is being thoroughly scrubbed, painted, etc.

That enterprising meat merchant, Mr. Denmark, will soon remove his market to the more eligible Bowron corner, where he will have the finest establishment of the kind in the county.

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