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june 7, 1878

Oswego talks of macadamizing her streets; so does Marion Centre. And Florence just goes ahead and macadamizes without much talk.

Mr. James S. McGill, agent of Lord Scully’s (of Ireland) estates is negotiating for the purchase of 70,000 acres of land in Ford and Iroquois counties. Mr. Scully owns over 36,000 acres of land in Marion county, and was here in person, accompanied by his nephew, last week, looking up his extensive interests. With all his possessions, and with the RECORD visiting him regularly, Mr. Scully ought to be happy.

Attorneys Keller and Doster are attending U.S. Court at Leavenworth this week.

Emigrants, emigrants, emigrants! And still they come. We believe it safe to say that twenty-five wagons have passed through town this week. They are generally destined for the far west.

Mr. E. McCoy, on Muddy creek, threatens to treat us to the first ripe peaches this season, in a short time. He has about twelve hundred bearing trees, heavily laden.

Case & Billings are gathering samples of Marion county’s excellent growing crops for permanent display at Topeka and other cities. This is a big job, to do well, and we doubt not Messrs. Case & Billings would be greatly obliged to farmers if they would assist in this matter. Save such specimens as you think good and bring them in.

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