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30 on '15: What would you like the top local headline of 2015 to be?

“I would like the actual numbers of our economic measures to exceed our forecast.”

-Mayor Todd Heitschmidt, Marion

“A boost in funding for downtown revitalization.”

-Catarina Rziha, Tampa

“A variety store like Dollar Store ... so we don’t have to go out-of-town.”

-Helen Reznicek, Marion

“All roads in good condition with ample rock.”

-Kay Tajchman, rural Marion

“Peace on Earth, common sense restored.”

-Denice Bina, Marion

“A large industry that makes jobs for everyone and draws in more people.”

-Barry Allen, Marion

“They won’t print it.”

-Toby Wilcox, Marion

“More downtown businesses that aren’t restaurants, like a variety store.”

-Judy Smith, rural Marion

“They used to have a McDonald’s where the Wendy’s is in Hillsboro. I wish it were a McDonald’s again.”

-Kate Schroeder, Florence

“In with the new and out with the old, God bless America.”

-Tom Schrag, Marion

“A week without criticism where no one complains about anyone else.”

-Officer Steven Janzen, Hillsboro

“Marion grows?”

-Jordan Kimbrough, Marion

“Why can’t Marion grow? Are we afraid to grow or just a retirement community?”

-Jesse Branson, Florence

“Open back up the youth center.”

-Noah Dalrymple, 14, Marion

“Open up the youth center, when you’re bored it gives you something to do.”

-Jake Hess, 12, Marion

“The skate park gets better ramps.”

-Bryce Mermis, 12, Marion

Hillsboro fire gets new fire station. I don’t know how it’s OK to use. It was condemned.”

-Firefighter Roger Ashley, Hillsboro

“Something positive like Main Street filled with new stores.”

-Jeanette Schaefer, Hillsboro

“Long-term economic impact on Hillsboro from losing sizeable businesses like Alco and Heartland Foods.”

-Stan Conover, rural Goessel

“Local economic boom causes Country Haven Inn to run at full capacity.”

-Shana Stepanek, Hillsboro

“Brownback reverses policies, decides schools require additional funding.”

-Vera Issaac, Hillsboro

“New hospital begins building. No one believes they’re going to do it this year, but it will happen.”

-Mayor Delores Dalke, Hillsboro

“Hard question, but I guess mine would be ‘I’m waiting for the day Obama is out of office’ type of thing.”

-Dennis Penner, Hillsboro

“I’m waiting for Wal-Mart to open. I always buy Wal-Mart. I go there every two weeks for most things.”

-Erik Torres, Hillsboro

“Local boy plays video games for 24 hours straight with no bathroom break. All I needed was pop, cookies, and cereal.”

-Filow Krus, 11, Hillsboro

“Boy injured ramping friend’s bike. I bit the crossbar and slid on my face for like eight feet, but that was last year.”

-Cody Krause, 10, Hillsboro

“I would like to see four new businesses come to town.”

-Bobbie Saylor, Peabody

“A new water distribution system for the city.”

-Councilman Tim Peterson, Peabody

“I’d like to see a Blues Festival come to Peabody or Marion County.”

-Janie Hampton, Peabody

“Best headline would be ‘Peabody Market has been bought and it will not close’!”

-Tracy Kemper, Peabody

“I’d appreciate more headlines and stories about volunteering opportunities in the community.”

-Kimberly Nunn, Peabody

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