• Last modified 52 days ago (May 29, 2024)


‘Cannot weaponize law enforcement’

Government officials cannot use criminal investigations to punish political opponents, the Institute for Justice said in announcing its suit on behalf of Ruth and Ron Herbel.

“Americans should be able to participate in local government,” institute attorney Jared McClain is quoted as saying, “without worrying that the mayor or police chief will retaliate against them for their political positions

“The warrant the police used to barge into Ruth’s home and take her only telephone and her computer was clearly . . . for opposing the mayor. Government officials cannot weaponize law enforcement to silence their critics.”

The release quotes Herbel as saying: “I ran for office because I love Marion, and in my wildest dreams I never thought I would end up at my kitchen table being charged with crimes. Political conflicts should be settled at the polls, not with warrants and raids.”

Institute attorney Michael Soyfer added: “Our constitutional rights are empty promises if people like Ruth can’t get justice in the courts.”

Last modified May 29, 2024