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'Sentimental' items stolen in burglary

Staff writer

When Marion police chief Clinton Jeffrey got a call to S. Cedar St., he was surprised to end up at what he thought was an unused house.

“I thought it was just an old house that had been vacant for as long as I knew,” he said. “I don’t know that anyone has lived there for a while.”

The incident was reported last week, but pinning down when it occurred was hard because of the home’s apparent vacancy, Jeffrey said.

Most of the stolen items had sentimental value, which made estimating their value difficult, Jeffrey said.

“Most of the stuff I don’t know how to put a price on,” he said. “The way the state is reporting it, they want a replacement value, not what it’s worth.”

Among the stolen items were several pictures and frames, antique figurines and dolls, and an area rug.

Despite having 56 items stolen, the listed value was just $48.

“I believe most thefts around here are to feed a drug habit,” Jeffrey said.

The most damage was to the door during the break-in. Jeffrey estimated the cost at $500 after accounting for labor, he said.

“That’s what happens,” he said. “People do more damage getting in than in stealing stuff.”

Last modified Sept. 25, 2019