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‘The free world is with you’

The following is a sampling of the hundreds of emails and messages the Record has received since police raided its newsroom Friday.

The free world is with you.

— Jeremy Ainsworth

This kind of Third World interference with journalistic freedom is intolerable. 

— Eric Jaderborg

What happened to you is shocking and revolting. But you are not alone. 

— Dan Bigman

Your situation is just the latest affront to a free press in America.

 — John Swan

Freedom of the press is paramount in this U.S. political climate. Stay strong.

— Su Ronneburger

We just saw the story published in the San Jose Mercury News about your 1st Amendment fight, and want you to know that we will continue to watch — and stand with you to protest this moral injury — as this unfolds.  

— Betsy Cawn

We are living through dark times, and yet it’s the public’s right to know what’s going on that motivates us.

— Cynthia Astle

Thanks for your service to your community and the state.

— Larry Shepard

I applaud the Marion County Record for continuing to be one of the newspapers that matters. You print about your community and your state. You focus on local stories that matter, even if some wish it kept in the background. Continue what you do.

— Janet Horner

I am a U.S. citizen, but have spent my career in Germany, where awareness of the signs of rising fascism is high. I am a big supporter of local journalism, because democracy begins (and often ends) at home.

— Jane Berger

It doesn’t seem possible that a police department can - and did - raid a newspaper office, confiscate equipment and files. What is going on in the United States?

— Darrell Pendergrass

This type of un-American behavior cannot go unchecked and I’m certain the vast majority of the American public feel this way.

—David Smith

 I am outraged at the apparent breach of your First Amendment rights to free speech and freedom of the press. I encourage you and the paper, to pursue holding all of those responsible accountable for their illegal actions. 

— Andrew Dahlberg

Please know that law-abiding people are standing with you at this time.

— John M. Kalinowski

 I fully believe in the free press and in which your reporters are warriors in search of truth, wherever it leads them.

— Laura Kinder

Millions of people support a free press, and speaking truth to power is now more important than ever.

— Trent Keeling

I have nothing more valuable to offer than my moral support for you and your newspaper, but I very much hope that this expression can be added to what I trust and hope is a very large number of comparable statements.

— Tom Hemnes

Last modified Aug. 18, 2023