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These accident reports were released this past week by law enforcement agencies:


K-15 at K-215 / 120th Rd.

Kaitlin Carter, 20, Wichita, was extricated from wreckage and taken to Wesley Medical Center, Wichita, after a five-vehicle accident at 10:24 p.m. Jan. 22.

Four others were listed as injured but not taken to a hospital.

The chain reaction began when two vehicles collided in the K-15 intersection east of Goessel.

Ashley M. Hagan, 32, Goessel, was cited for failing to yield after she turned her southbound 2004 Ford Taurus left in front of an approaching 2015 Subaru Forester driven by Shelby J. Wiens, 21, of Moundridge.

The drivers and their passengers — Trevin J. Wiens, 22, of the same Moundridge address and Elizabeth Miller, 7, of the same Goessel address — were injured but not taken to a hospital. Both vehicles were rated as destroyed.

Approaching the accident, Carter pulled her southbound 2017 Chevrolet Cruise to the side of the road to avoid the accident, but her Chevy was hit by a northbound 2021 Ford Bronco driven by Samuel L. Shahan, 39, rural Marion, after it struck Wiens’s Forester.

Another northbound vehicle, a 2010 Chevrolet Malibu driven by Preston L. Minson, 17, Galva, also struck the Forester.

No injuries were reported for Minson or Shahan, whose vehicles were listed as disabled, not destroyed. All five vehicles were towed.

The Forester was owned by Shelby J. Wiens of the same Moundridge address, the Taurus by Philip Hagen of the same Goessel address, and the Malibu by Terrance L. Minson II of the same Galva address. The two other vehicles were owned by their drivers.

US-50 west of Pawnee Rd.

A 2021 Chevrolet Silverado driven by Darin Helmer, 61, Marion, and a 2011 Ford Fusion driven by Kade Bafunyembaka, 46, Wichita, brushed against each other at 10:52 p.m. Jan. 22 while Helmer was attempting to pass Bafunyembaka.

Deputy Kaylan Miles blamed the accident on Bafunyembaka failing to yield, but no tickets were issued.

Both pickups sustained what was described as disabiling damage, but only Bafunyembaka’s was towed.

Helmer’s pickup was listed as owned by district court clerk Jan Helmer of the same Marion address. Bafunyembaka’s was listed as owned by Elyse Pansho of the same Wichita address.

Chisholm Trail Rd. south of 100th Rd.

A 1993 Chevrolet C1500 driven by Lauren J. Flaming, 72, rear-ended a 1998 pickup of the same make and model at 11:35 p.m. Jan. 28 as driver Ryan W. Walker slowed to turn.

Both drivers reside in the area, with rural Newton postal addresses.

Flaming reportedly told a sheriff’s deputy he had been following Walker’s truck “to identify the vehicle for messing with his property.” Flaming reportedly didn’t see Walker’s turn signal or notice that he was slowing.

Deputy Kaylan Miles blamed the accident on inattentive driving by Flaming, but no citations were issued. The two pickups sustained damage described as minor.

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