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According to plan

How many people actually read my weekly editorials is a bit of a mystery to me, but after the past week I definitely know County Commissioner Dan Holub is one of my readers, at least when it concerns the Pilsen road.

Last week I wrote that double chip sealing the Pilsen road, as the county plans to do, is a better option than leaving it in its current condition, but that it was disappointing it couldn’t get a real asphalt overlay. I also wrote that the county needs to have a plan in place to pave it with an overlay in the future.

On Thursday, Holub called to clarify that, yes, the county does have a plan to do an asphalt overlay on Remington Rd. from U.S. 56 to Pilsen.

A while back, the county financed overlays on 330th Rd. from K-15 to the McPherson County line, as well as other roads. The plan, Holub told me, is that when that financing is paid off, to roll that over to finance an asphalt overlay for Pilsen.

It’s a solid plan, although I would rather the county stay away from rolling debt like this, because it’s a hard habit to break.

— Adam Stewart

Last modified Nov. 7, 2013