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Additional sportswriter joins newspaper's team

Staff writer

Professional sports handicapper Nicholas Kimball has joined the Marion County Record team as a part-time sportswriter and photographer.

He will cover Marion and Peabody sports.

Kimball moved to Marion in November to be closer to relatives. His mom is Teresa Ehmann, and his aunt and uncle are Tim and Babs Melendy, who formerly operated Café 256.

Kimball was born in Newton and has lived in Burrton, Phoenix, and Mesa, Arizona.

After attending community college in Arizona, he worked an assortment of jobs, including as a licensed real estate broker.

While working in real estate five years ago, he started an online sports site that is his primary occupation.

He makes 40 to 60 picks a month for worldwide followers of his site. His picks are on-target 60% of the time.

“To be a professional gambler you have to average 50% and I usually average 60%,” Kimball said.

Members of the site pay $12 a month.

Kimball picks who he likes to win. Members pick whatever betting site they want.

“My subscribers will either use that information to make a bet or not,” he said.

Kimball’s love of sports goes back to his elementary school days, when he played an assortment of sports.

In Arizona, his primary sport was skateboarding.

Many injuries eventually persuaded him it was time to give up skateboarding.

“When I got into community college, if I wanted to walk when I was in my 40s and 50s, I had to give it up,” Kimball said. “This is what brought me back to other sports.”

He likes NBA, NFL, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Olympic sports, golf, Grammy awards, and anything else that’s a hyped event with a winner being decided.

Overall, his 4,044 picks during the last three years brought 2,450 wins.

Marion is a welcome change for Kimball.

“I enjoy the quietness, I enjoy the pace,” he said. “I like that I’m not swamped with people like I was in Arizona. I enjoy seeing deer in my front yard.”

He looks forward to getting to know more Marion residents.

“Don’t be afraid to say hi,” Kimball said.

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