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Ag plays dwindling role, report says

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Agriculture played a dwindling role in Marion County’s economy, according to data this week from Kansas Department of Agriculture.

Total output dipped 6% to $316 million from $339.4 million in 2020 and plunged 39% from $502 million in 2019.

The sector contributed 1,482 jobs this year compared with 1,508 in 2020, a loss of 26. Since 2019, the county has lost a total of 183 jobs in agriculture according to the report.

Agriculture supports a smaller share of the county’s work force: 29% down from 30% in 2020 and 38% in 2019.

The county’s 28 agriculture-related industries also account for a diminishing share of the county’s gross regional product — the total monetary value of goods and services produced.

Total value fell 9% to $109 million in 2021 and plummeted 41.33% in 2019.

Beef ranching and farming was the top sector in both employment and output these past three years.

The industry supported 665 jobs and added $100 million to the county’s economy, a slight uptick from $99 million in 2020.

Agriculture and forestry, grain and other crop farming, animal slaughtering other than poultry, and food manufacturing all remained top employers these past three years.

Operators of the county’s 892 farms worked an average 637 acres in 2021 for an average cash income of $33,722, the same as 2020. The average value of products sold was $164,247.

KDA economist Tori Laird said the agency calculated estimated output and employment of 546 agribusiness industries using data from county ag producers.

Last modified Sept. 2, 2021