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Alternative fall season proposed

A proposal will be voted on Friday at the state level to determine whether fall sports will be postponed for schools in some areas, but Hillsboro athletic director Robert Rempel believes the decision is unlikely to affect Marion County.

“I think there’s a lot of pressure to do something like this because of the Kansas City and Wichita areas,” he said. “It’s all those schools that have delayed for two, four, nine weeks, or even completely said there’s not going to be fall athletics in their districts.”

If Kansas High School Athletic Association’s plan is enacted, then each sport will have a cap on competitions this fall to stay eligible for the alternate season.

“That would be drastic if it was a proposal to actually change it right now, which it is not,” Rempel said. “It’s an alternative for the districts that get their fall seasons canceled or cut short.”

Under the proposal, football teams would be ineligible for the alternate season if they played at least five games or continued past Oct. 17.

The cap for volleyball teams is accruing 20 competition-points, while cross-country teams will be ineligible if they compete in more than three meets. Teams from both sports will be ineligible for the alternate season if they continue competing or practicing after Oct.10.

Schools would have until Sept. 21 to notify KHSAA of each activity’s commitment to the fall season, under the proposal.

Last modified Aug. 27, 2020