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An early start to Thanksgiving

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

Stores are taking down the racks of Halloween costumes, replacing them with Christmas decorations. Bins of unsold candy are giving way to musical ornaments.

But hold the reindeer!

Ever find yourself thinking you ought to go see a friend, but your hectic schedule became an excuse for “talking to them later?” The next thing you know, that special person is gone, along with your opportunities to talk to them again.

“I wish I would have told them I appreciated them when I had the chance,” we often say.

Before we scurry from Halloween to Christmas, we should stop to honor the spirit of Thanksgiving. One practical way to do that is to contact someone who has blessed your life and say “Thank you.” Why wait?

Here’s my challenge: think of one person you appreciate and send them a card, or give them a call, or pay them a visit. By the time you read these words. Thanksgiving will be two weeks away. Make time to contact a special person and tell them what you think of them. It will bless you both. And it will make this Thanksgiving stand out and be noticed.

Last modified Nov. 10, 2011