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ANOTHER DAY IN THE COUNTRY: A Letter to the Future

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Dear Dagfinnr, I was up early this morning — before the sun came up (which is unusual for me) — so that I could see something called the Blood Moon. I’ve tried to see it before but never have. Have you heard of it?

It is supposed to happen right before dawn. On this particular occasion, at this very special time of year, the moon is setting just as the sun is rising. I think what happens is that the shadow of the Earth covers the moon going down and turns it red. I think that would be very spectacular to see, don’t you?

So, I climbed out of bed while it was still dark in order to drive out of town to find a spot where I could watch the moon. I saw the full moon, setting above some clouds. The next bright thing I saw while I was still in town was red and white lights flashing and I thought, “Is it the sheriff or is it an ambulance?” It was the school bus! These kids have to get up so early to ride the bus to school. Aren’t you glad that you don’t have to get up while it is still dark in California and ride a bus for an hour to get to school? Your school is just down the road from your house. Is it a mile away? Longer? I know your Mom drives you to school each morning because the road is so busy and there’s really no place for safe walking. Maybe, when you are older, you’ll ride your bike to school.

When I first drove out of Ramona this morning, I sat out at the cemetery. It was a beautiful view over the top of that row of cedar trees they planted on the west side. I was parked close to Uncle Tim’s grave stone. I’d driven past markers for my parents and my grandparents, my aunts and uncles. So, I was in good company as I waited to see something miraculous happen. I wished I’d brought my camera. I wondered if I’d have time to go back into town and get it? I decided that I didn’t want to take the chance of missing anything, so I stayed put.

The moon was huge, quite beautiful, partially covered with clouds. I was really hoping that the clouds would go away so that I’d get a really good look at the Blood Moon; but no such luck. The moon slipped in and out of clouds several times as I watched and waited for the sun to rise.

Then I drove further out of town, past the farm where my grandparents lived, on down the road past where my Aunt Naomi lived, and up the hill to where my Mom’s cousin owned land. It’s a beautiful view and you can see for miles all around. When the sun did come up, it was spectacular, with the clouds in the east being all shades of orange, yellow, red and purple. However, by that time the moon had slipped behind those dense clouds in the west that sat on the horizon. The moon was gone, so I gave up and headed for home.

The sun was so bright that I had to shade my eyes. The whole town of Ramona was backlit. The biggest stir in town was caused by a train going through while another train stood on the side tracks. Red lights were flashing at the crossing. Of course, there was a light on in the Post Office and as I drove by I could see that Kathy already had her window open, ready for business.

I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see a Blood Moon but they say it is happening another time yet this year which better happen quickly since there are only three months left.

You are probably still sleeping as I write you this letter. I doubt if the sun is even up yet in California, but I wanted to tell you about my early morning adventure. I’m wondering what wonderful things you will discover today? Will your teacher at school tell you about the Blood Moon?

You are seven years old and I am 77. In the years to come I know there will be an endless supply of amazing things for you to discover in this world of ours, on another day in the country. Love to you, Baba

p.s. I got a new smart phone that I’m learning to use. They tell me we could do Facetime, whatever that is…

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