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Although I’m known for doing things at the last minute, dropping everything and going off on some adventure, I honestly like planning ahead. It gives me something to look forward to.

When time drags or I’m waiting to go to sleep at night, I think of those plans I’ve made and imagine how those plans will turn out.

It’s the anticipation that I enjoy most. I even like looking ahead on the calendar and writing in the event I’m planning to experience.

Today, I looked at my calendar all marked in with upcoming events, and shook my head ruefully.

“The best laid plans of mice and…,” I thought.

I was planning on going to California in April.

My grandson has his spring break from school the week before Easter, and my family planned to go to Hawaii for a week to celebrate his birthday over Easter weekend!

This was something I’d been looking forward to for years, showing him Hawaii and all of our favorite haunts and activities, which include snorkeling and pineapple ice cream, rice plates (right down his alley), and Hula performances, to say nothing of balmy breezes and beautiful scenery!

When the “Corona Challenge” showed up in California, I told my daughter, “I’m leaving it up to you to decide whether or not we go through with plans — you are in the most populated area. We’re rather isolated in Ramona.”

We held off, wondering when to “pull the plug” on our Hawaii adventure as events unfolded across the country.

My grandson’s school closed early, then for the rest of the school year. My school closed out here. Jana’s work place closed. Travel was discouraged.

People began to panic, wondering “How bad could this get?”

As I began to dismantle the plans we’d made — airline reservations, car reservations, hotel reservations — I felt sad.

So, I began listing all the positive things I could think of about life right now.

For starters, I had a brand new yellow and white striped beach towel that Jess had given to me, anticipating beach time in the Tropics. I took it out of the suitcase and hung it on the hook by my shower. It just brightens the room and I’m using it now instead of a plain old bath towel!

We’re only going out of town for absolute necessities like chicken mash and fresh veggies!

For a change of environment, I rearranged the living room and took up the throw rugs I protect the carpet with in wintertime which opened up the room. It took a while to accomplish but when it was all done, I loved the new seating arrangement, a different point of view. The cat was confused, but she’ll adjust!

Daffodils are blooming all over the place in the yard, and I brought some of that sunshine indoors to enjoy. I snapped pictures and sent them to friends.

Imagine what it was like “back in the day” when there were hardly any phones and no such thing as the Internet to keep everyone posted. We have so many ways to connect to loved ones.

On warmer days we’ve been pruning roses and removing last year’s stems from the gardens, clearing the path for new growth. I can use this time of isolation to clear away any old habits that might inhibit my own health and well-being to encourage something new to emerge.

Instead of looking forward to Hawaii, I’m looking forward to spring! Usually, I miss part of it because I’ve traveled to California this time of year, where spring has already waned, but this year I’m able to enjoy it fully in my own back yard. 

About the time that we started making plans to go to Hawaii, my friend DeAnne at the Health Club in Abilene told me that she and her daughters were joining Weight Watchers to improve their health.

“Interesting,” I said, as she showed me the app on her phone and explained what they were doing. 

Just the fact that she shared this information made me more aware of my own diet and what I was eating. After a month or so, I could tell that my friend was looking different.

When I told her so, she said, “I saw what carrying extra weight did to my mother in her later years and I don’t want that to happen to me, so when the girls suggested this, I agreed to do it!”

In just a few months she’d lost 17 pounds and looked 10 years younger! 

“I’m doing this, too!” I said.

Then my sister said, “Count me in!” and a friend of hers said, “Me, too!”

Here’s a perfect example of how one smart move, just like one kind deed, starts spreading like a good virus! 

What an education I’m receiving about my eating habits and what a wonderful time to have received this inspiration, unexpectedly, on another day in the country.

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