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Appraisers to hit Hillsboro

Staff writer

Carl Miller wants Hillsboro residents to know his staff is coming.

Every six years, the county appraises properties.

This summer is Hillsboro’s turn, the county appraiser told the city council Tuesday.

“I wanted to talk to the city about what we can do,” he said. “The more people know we are here, the safer everyone will be.”

Four or five data collectors will inspect properties on weekdays.

During walk-arounds there will be “minimal” contact with taxpayers. If data collectors need to ask questions, they will keep them brief.

If no one is home when

they visit, staff will fill out a hanger and leave it on a door.

“This doesn’t take more that five to 10 minutes per parcel,” he said. “Even though we do move quickly, it probably will take most of the summer.”

Two things that would help his team, Miller said, would be for people to know county workers are just doing their jobs, and for the workers to wear county identification badges.

“I know in the city of Ellsworth they wore yellow vests and that worked very well,” he said. “They could see people who were doing a job.”

Last modified June 17, 2021