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Apron contest brings out creativity

Staff writer

Mary Olson’s apron, the first entry in the contest to take place Old Settlers’ Day, has examples of Faith, Hope, and Heritage.

Hope is represented with a patch of baby’s hand wrapped around an adult index finger. Faith is a patch with a pair of hands clenched in prayer.

However, heritage is represented by Olson’s personal heritage and Marion’s heritage. The denim apron is made out of a pair of her father’s work overalls. She said he would be 111 this year; he died at 88.

Along with a 150 years patch and patch touting Marion as “The best place I’ve seen,” there is a patch in the bottom left corner of the apron featuring her father working on a farm.

Olson has met the qualifications for apron judging, she said. She demonstrates creativity by using her father’s overalls and she has incorporated the themes of faith, hope, and heritage detailed on the apron.

But, she said she has no expectation of winning because of her sewing skills.

“I’m not a construction person,” Olson said.

As the organizer of the apron judging, Olson hopes to have at least six entrants in the contest, which will be judged. She said she started her apron when the idea was first broached in a City Council meeting “way back yonder,” but she expects expert sewers will complete their aprons in far less time.

Olson wants to display the aprons in a downtown shop window, but was not sure where that would be Friday.

“We may even have a float in the parade,” Olson said.

The prizes for the contest are $25 for first place, $15 for second place, and $10 for third place.

Last modified Sept. 22, 2011