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Archer makes amends

Staff writer

An archer owned his mistake when his arrow missed the mark and damaged a neighbor’s house.

Marion police officer Duane McCarty was hunting on foot near Birch and Lincoln Sts. for whoever shot an arrow into a nearby home’s siding.

“I am going to see if I can find anybody to fess up to it,” McCarty told dispatchers this past week.

Several minutes later, Tyler Palic, an avid bow hunter, admitted his mistake.

Palic had been shooting at a target when an arrow bounced off struck the house.

It left a hole two inches deep, McCarty said.

McCarty said Palic offered to “square up dollar-wise” for the damage, but he still cited him for illegally shooting an arrow in city limits.

“I explained to him “That’s why it’s illegal,” McCarty said. “because you can’t guarantee where the arrow will go.”

Palic made good on his promise and fixed the hole with putty.

McCarty declined to say what fine Palic might face, but didn’t doubt the experience was an eye-opener.

“I think the kid — “Well, he is out of school — but I think he learned a lesson,” McCarty said. “not from the ticket but the fact that arrow went about half a block and stuck in a house.”


Last modified Aug. 11, 2021