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Area code to be required

Beginning April 24, callers in 620 and 785 area codes should use the area code when dialing local numbers. Three-digit numbers, such as 911, will remain the same.

Linda Beery, spokesman for the Kansas Corporation Commission, said 10-digit dialing will begin April 24 and become mandatory Oct. 24 although telephone companies still will charge local call rates for local calls.

The change is to make it easier for people in crisis to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The Federal Communications Commission approved 988 as the new number for National Suicide Prevention Lifeline beginning July 16. Because of that change, area codes that use a 988 prefix in telephone numbers must adopt 10-digit dialing. That includes Kansas area codes 785 and 620, which cover the majority of the state.

Between April 24 and Oct. 24, calls dialed without the area codes still will go through, but after Oct. 24, they will not.

For long distance calls, nothing changes. Callers will still dial 1 plus the area code and telephone number for long distance calls..

Last modified April 1, 2021