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AREA Schools


Menu subject to change. Fruit, juice and milk available with every breakfast. Milk available with every lunch.


Thursday — Pancake, syrup.

Friday — No school.

Monday — No school.

Tuesday — Breakfast bites, cereal.

March 30 — French toast sticks, sausage link.


Thursday — Pepperoni pizza, corn, broccoli, grapes.

Friday — No school.

Monday — No school.

Tuesday — Chicken wrap, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, Spanish rice, corn, fruit.

March 30 — Spaghetti with meat sauce, garden salad, green beans, garlic bread.


Menu subject to change. Milk, fruit juice, cereal, oatmeal bar available for breakfasts. Milk available for all lunches. Garden-fresh salad bar available for middle and high schools.


Thursday — Sausage pancake on a stick or yogurt, pineapple.

Friday — No school.

Monday — French toast sticks or breakfast pizza.

Tuesday — Pancake sausage griddle or yogurt, mandarin oranges.

March 30 — Cinnamon roll or breakfast nachos, banana.


Thursday — Hot dog, meatball sub, or Cobb salad (elementary), french fries, fruit, peaches.

Friday — No school.

Monday — Chicken nuggets, corn dog, or Italian chef salad (elementary), cheesy cauliflower popcorn, fruit, peaches.

Tuesday — Barbecue rib on bun, soft tacos, or taco salad (elementary), cowboy beans, fruit, applesauce.

March 30 — Chicken patty, meatloaf, or chicken Caesar salad (elementary), mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, fruit, pears, hot roll.

Last modified March 23, 2016