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Artists abound in Marion County

Staff writer

Jan Davis grew up west of Hillsboro and now lives in Marion.

A 27-year art teacher, she has always been in touch with those in artistic circles. In the past two years however, as the owner of Gallery 101, an art studio in downtown Marion, she realized anew how many talented people make up the fabric of everyday life in Marion County.

“There have always been very talented artists around here,” Davis said Tuesday. “People just didn’t notice them.”

Davis has been an organizer for several events that have brought artistic talent in Marion County to the forefront of attention in recent years.

“We get a lot of visitors to the store here who come from out-of-state,” she said. “Most of our sales are to people who are visiting relatives or come to the lakes.”

Davis, along with her sister, Bev Schor of Flint Hills Gold, and many other Marion business owners met to discuss ways to bring more people into Marion to expose them to the fine art created by local artists.

“We came up with the Art and Music Stroll and that has been very successful,” Davis said. “We’ve done it four times now and each time is more successful that the previous. Our participants were very happy with the turnout in June.”

At Gallery 101, Davis features art from many local sources in genres such as landscape photography, bronze casting, pen and ink drawings, wood sculpture, watercolors, and oil paints, to name a few.

“Just about all the work I have here, people who live in the county or have local connections have found me and asked to exhibit,” she said. “There is so much local talent, it is just amazing.”

In addition to running her gallery, Davis also gives art lessons to students of all ages.

“I have some junior high students working on painting right now,” she said.

Plans for an artistic garden show featuring anything garden related are underway for July 7, Davis said. She continues to look for ways to enhance the growing art community in Marion County and provide exposure for artists willing to share their talents.

Last modified June 27, 2012