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Awards and honors

These schools released these honor rolls and lists of awards this past week. A grade point average of 4 is all A’s and 3 is all B’s:


Academic excellence — Christopher Beery, Addyson Davis-Ash, Sadie Lange, Mia Spencer, Shannon Taylor, McKinnon Waner, and Abby Wesner.

Choir — Calli Burkholder (baton award) and Abby Wesner (musicianship).

Soloists Madison Arocha, Arwen Fay, Caulin James, Charlotte James, Sadie Lange, Brynn Mermis, Gavin Regier, Abby Wesner, and Quade Williams

Citizenship — Christopher Beery and Abby Wesner.

Ensemble — 8th grade boys Caulin James, Blake Kaiser, Tayden Lovelady, Hayden Mendoza, Chance Shults, Lane Svoboda, and Quade Williams.

8th grade girls Madison Arocha, Calli Burkholder, Addyson Davis-Ash, Arwen Fay, Natalie Hoffner, Charlotte James, Sadie Lange, Clarissa Melbye, Brynn Mermis, Zoe Parish, Shannon Taylor, McKinnon Waner, Abby Wesner, Carley Wilhelm, and Lexee Wickman.

7th grade boys Cooper Bailey, Caleb Darrow, Landon Dye, Jack Lanning, Phinn Madgwick, and Gavin Regier.

7th grade girls Addie Coleman, Paige Ensey, Grace Hett, Haley Kraus, Ella Mackey, Kristin Neufeld, Autumn Padgett, Natalie Sigel, Caitlin Thornhill, and Lacey Willingham.

Geography — 1. Phinn Madgwick. 2. Landon Dye. 3. Alexis Hostetler.

President’s Award for Educational Excellence — Christopher Beery, Calli Burkholder, Trevor Cairns, Addyson Davis-Ash, Tristen Dye, Arwen Fay, Nathan Hoffner, Sadie Lange, Brooklin Matthews, Amber Miller, Mia Spencer, McKinnon Waner, and Abby Wesner.

Reading — 8th grader Calli Burkholder, 7th grader Natalie Sigel, and 6th graders Addison Cooper and Taryn Kraus.

Scholars Bowl — 8th graders Tristen Dye (top scorer), Sadie Lange, Christopher Beery, Lane Svoboda, Hayden Mendoza, and Kent Wiggins.

7th graders Haley Kraus (top scorer), Copper Bailey, Quenton Taylor, Gavin Wasmuth, Landon Dye, and Phinn Madgwick.

Spelling — 1. Gavin Wasmuth (second in county bee). 2. Haley Kraus. 3. Abby Wesner.

Student council — Cooper Bailey, Calli Burkholder, Grace Hett, Natalie Hoffner, Nathan Hoffner, Alyera Koehn, Jack Lanning, Georgia Madgwick, Natalie Sigel, Lane Svoboda, and Luke Watkins

Honor rolls

Academic year

High honors

8th grade — Christopher Beery , Calli Burkholder, Addyson Davis-Ash, Arwen Fay, Natalie Hoffner, Sadie Lange, Amber Miller, Mia Spencer, Shannon Taylor, McKinnon Waner, and Abby Wesner.

7th grade — Cooper Bailey, Paige Ensey, Jonathan Frese, Grace Hett, Haley Kraus, Natalie Sigel, and Gavin Wasmuth.

6th grade — Bailey Clevenger, Addison Cooper, Sophia Dye, Sara Groening, Alexis Hostetler, Alyera Koehn, Taryn Kraus, Brian Nguyen, Erin Regier, Haiti Schafers, Luke Watkins, Kenna Wesner, and Luke Wessel.


8th grade — Trevor Cairns, Tristen Dye, Nathan Hoffner, Brooklin Matthews, and Brynn Mermis.

7th grade — Landon Dye, Wyatt Helmer, Jack Lanning, Tessa Mendoza, Jagger Miller, Gabrielle Newell, and Quenton Taylor.

6th grade — Logan Amos and Georgia Madgwick.

Honorable mention

8th grade — Madison Arocha, Lucus Cairns, Roslyn Kealy, Chance Shults, Lane Svoboda, Kent Wiggins, and Jalyssa Williams.

7th grade — Brayden Blackman, Addie Coleman, Ella Mackey, Phinneas Madgwick, Kristin Neufeld, Gavin Regier, Trevor Schafers, and Brogan Schuh.

6th grade — Autumn Haskin, Charley Ann Matthews, Ashton Oursler, Lane Smith, and Kellen Waner.

Fourth quarter

High honors

8th grade — Christopher Beery, Calli Burkholder, Addyson Davis-Ash, Arwen Fay, Natalie Hoffner, Sadie Lange, Brooklin Matthews, Mia Spencer, Shannon Taylor, McKinnion Waner, and Abby Wesner, 4.0000, and Nathan Hoffner, 3.8571.

7th grade — Cooper Bailey, Jonathan Frese, Grace Hett, Haley Kraus, Natalie Sigel, and Gavin Wasmuth, 4.0000, and Landon Dye, Paige Ensey, Jagger Miller, and Gabrielle Newell, 3.8571.

6th grade — Addison Cooper, Sara Groening, Alyera Koehn, Taryn Kraus, Erin Regnier, Haiti Schafers, Luke Watkins, and Kenna Wesner, 4.0000; Bailey Clevenger, 3.9286; and Sophia Dye, Alexis Hostetler, Georgia Madgwick, and Brian Nguyen, 3.8571.


8th grade — Lucus Cairns, Trevor Cairns, Brynn Mermis, Lane Svoboda, and Jalyssa Williams, 3.7143, and Madison Arocha, Tristen Dye, Amber Miller, and Chance Shults, 3.5714.

7th grade — Addie Coleman and Tessa Mendoza, 3.7143, and Wyatt Helmer, Jack Lanning, Ella Mackey, and Alec Richardson, 3.5714.

6th grade — Autumn Haskin, 3.7143, and Luke Wessel, 3.6429.

Honorable mention

8th grade — Blake Kaiser, Kent Wiggins, Carley Wilhelm, and Jessica Williams, 3.2857; Helen Henry and Caulin James, 3.0714; and Taydyn Lovelady, Kylynn Matthews, Miranda Shaffer, and Justus Spicher, 3.0000.

7th grade — Gavin Regier, Trevor Schafers, and Quenton Taylor, 3.4286; Kristin Neufeld, Caitlin Thornhill, and Lacey Willingham, 3.2857; Phinneas Madwick and Cole Smith, 3.2143; Conner Austin, Brayden Blackman, and Michael Hendricks, 3.1439; Caleb Darrow, 3.0714; and Bryson Bouslog and Brogan Schuh, 3.0000.

6th grade — Sawyer Giles and Lane Smith, 3.4286; Ashton Oursler and Kellen Waner, 3.2857; Logan Amos, Charley Ann Matthews, and Gilbert Ramirez, 3.1429; and Brennen Wiggins, 3.0000.


Second-semester honor roll

High honors

Seniors — Kimmie Duncan, Emmy Hess, and Sam Kelsey, 4.0000; AJ Arterburn and Maria Stuchlik, 3.8571; and Jenna Helmer, 3.8333.

Juniors — Cade Alleven, Chloe Burkholder, Shelby Cairns, Matthew Christensen, Cassandra Meyer, and Cameron White, 4.0000; Jaimee Wickman, 3.8750; and Jayden Donaldson, 3.8571.

Sophomores — Anne Baliel, Todd Palic, Laura Savage, Macy Sigel, Jaden Slifer, Jayden Spencer, Abigail Stuchlik, and Tristan Williams, 4.0000, and Megan Neufeld and Anna Zurcher, 3.8571.

Freshmen — Amy Gayle, Jayden May, Mickelly Soyez, and Hannah Stubenhofer-May, 4.0000, and Emily Hake, 3.8571.


Seniors — Christian Becker and Noah Kukuk, 3.7143; Jarred Rahe and Tori Shults, 3.6667; Corrina Crabb and Drew Helmer, 3.5714; and Eli Hett, 3.5000.

Juniors — Bethany Grimmett, 3.7143; Emily Hutchison, 3.5714; and Lily Lundy, 3.5000.

Sophomores — Will Alleven and Melanie Garrett, 3.7143, and Braedon Mercer, 3.5714.

Freshmen — Christian Albin, Dominic Miller, Anderson Waddell, and Sydney Williams, 3.7143, and Heidi Grimmett, Brook Harford, Emma Soyez, and Campbell Winter, 3.5714.

Honorable mention

Seniors — Stevan Schafers, 3.4286; Ethan Darnall, David Francis, and Michaela Regnier, 3.3333; Larry Zieammermann and Sam Zinn, 3.2000; Caitrin Kealy, 3.1667; Destiny Boudreaux and Joey Nickel, 3.1429; and Noah Dalrymple and Whitney Miller, 3.0000.

Juniors — Peyton Ensey and Alli Hett, 3.4286; Hunter Helmer and Grace Overton, 3.2857; Robyn Anderson and Cooper Carpenter, 3.1667; Mistie Larson, Jaxton Tracy, and Grace Winter, 3.1429; and Sadie MacDonald, Alfwenna Meyer, and Amy Packham, 3.0000.

Sophomores — Tyler Boudreaux and Preston Schneider, 3.1429; and Austin Ebaben, Brandon Lange, Eli Riggs, Nathan Shields, and Cory Williams, 3.0000.

Freshmen — Emma Box and Miles Olson, 3.4286; Gracie Mackey, 3.2857; Anthony Brooks and Johnny Zieammermann, 3.1429; and Karlee Fetrow and Braxton Schuh, 3.0000.

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