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B-I-N-G-O spells success for students who help "both young and young at heart"

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Two Peabody-Burns High School freshmen have been spending time, one day a month, with people young and old.

Adriana Newman and Lexi Schreiber have been playing BINGO once a month with residents at a local nursing home, where they offer prizes, such as puddings, gelatins, and fruit, as part of Peabody-Burn’s school’s Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) club.

“When we went to the nursing home, we found that their favorite thing was bananas,” Newman said, “so every time we went back we bought more and more and more because that’s the first thing to go.”

The girls said competition got heated now and then.

“One of the older men there took someone else’s banana,” Schreiber said. “Yeah,” Newman confirmed, “and he started eating it right in front of him.”

They also led a meeting once a month with elementary school students doing various activities with the children and preparing a healthy snack with them.

They won a silver medal at a FCCLA’s Students Taking Action for Recognition (STAR) competition in the Chapter in Review portfolio category.

“I’m excited for them,” Peabody-Burns FFCLA sponsor Cathy Silver said. “This was the first time they ever competed.”

The category is described on the FCCLA website as a team event that “recognizes chapters that develop and implement a well-balanced program of work and promote FCCLA and Family and Consumer Sciences and/or related occupations and skills to the community.”

Silver said the girls initially did not know if they would join the club.

“In August, they showed up at a membership party and weren’t sure whether it would be an OK organization or not,” Silver said, “so I had the officers from last year tell them some of the activities we do.”

Along with doing the programs, the girls also had to prepare a presentation to show what they did.

“We took pictures at every event we went to so we could use it for our portfolio,” Newman said. “We love to take pictures and we love to talk about our activities, so that added to everything we wanted to do (with the project).”

The presentation also included a slideshow. The process was time consuming, they said. “It took a while,” Schreiber said. “A long time,” Newman added.

Since the duo won silver at the competition, they qualified to participate at the state level, which will be April 3 in Wichita. They already are preparing for it.

“With all the review they gave us, we are going to change it and edit it so that we can make it better,” Newman said. “They gave us some ideas as to what we can do to make it better for state.”

The girls will continue to work with elementary kids and nursing home residents until the end of the school year. They have had fun with the learning experience.

“Spending time with all ages of people has given us a better understanding of the actions of both young and the young at heart,” Schreiber said in a press release sent by Silver.

“I’d recommend this to anyone,” Newman said, “because this is something in which you get to pick what you want to do.”

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