• Last modified 2498 days ago (Aug. 23, 2012)


Be wary of tech support scams

Wichita area residents are receiving phone calls from a company called Global Server PC Repair 247 and sometimes calling themselves Microsoft Windows Technical Coordinator. Scammers are telling consumers their computers are infected with a virus. Residents are told the scammer needs to log in to their computer to repair it, asking for user names and passwords or asking victims to go to a website to install software that will give them access to the computer to “fix” it.

Once scammers have access to a computer, they can install software capable of capturing sensitive data such as online banking user names and passwords. They may also charge a fee to remove the software. They can take control of a computer remotely and adjust settings to make it more vulnerable to attack, request credit card information to bill for phony services, and direct victims to fraudulent websites asking for credit card and other personal financial information.

The Better Business Bureau of Kansas has received many calls about the scam, including a few from people who were fooled. The Better Business Bureau warns consumers not to trust unsolicited phone calls or give out personal information.

Last modified Aug. 23, 2012