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Best halfway in-between place I've seen

Staff writer

Choosing where you live sometimes involves nothing more than picking a spot on a map.

For new Marion resident Kaye Anderson, that’s exactly how she ended up in Marion.

With children in Omaha and Oklahoma City, Anderson had no connection to Marion before moving to town in early June.

All she wanted was to move closer to her family than she was when she was living in Batesville, Arkansas.

Cottonwood Falls was perfectly equidistanct between Omaha and Oklahoma City, but suitable housing was not available. After six weeks of searching, she made her home in Marion.

“It was something I had been thinking about for quite some time,” she said. “At this point in my life, I figure now is better than later.”

Moving from a city of 11,000 to one of 2,000 presented a bit of culture shock, but she enjoys the rural atmosphere.

“One thing I have noticed coming from a larger city is that people there don’t want to be bothered as much,” she said. “Here I’ve got three or four neighbors who’ll jump through flaming hoops to help me.”

With experience in office management and banking, Anderson is still looking for a job.

“I’m a people person, very versatile, a quick study, and I don’t require supervision,” she said. “I’m capable of finding things that need to be done.”

Last modified July 9, 2014