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Budget requests would raise city taxes 9.8 mills

Staff writer

A laundry list of new spending that would raise city property taxes by 9.8 mills will have to be trimmed to fit with the state’s tax lid, city council members were told Monday.

Property taxes account for less than half the city’s budget, with 19% from sales tax and 41% from utilities and fees.

City administrator Roger Holter expressed dissatisfaction with the tax lid because he said it has reduced spending power of city revenues.

The tax lid does permit property taxes to be increased to account for inflation, specific types of expenditures, or by a vote of citizens.

Cemetery, flood control, parks and recreation, swimming pool, economic development, refuse, sewer, and water department budget requests are the same as last year.

Other departments requested a total of $249,000 in increased city funding.

Capital improvement projects on the city wish list include a $4,028,000 waterline replacement project, $80,000 for a sewer line at Coble St., $40,000 to dredge a lagoon at the water plant, $100,000 for electrical upgrades, $125,000 for a community engineering and design study, $18,000 for a security camera system, $60,000 for designated road replacement, and $117,000 for light, fence, sound system and scoreboard replacements at the ball field.

Department heads asked for $73,050 to buy a mower, pickup truck, dump truck, utility vehicle and two utility trucks. Peggy Blackman, speaking on behalf of the museum board, asked for $14,550, a $1,950 increase over last year’s allotment from the city.

The museum plans to continue digitizing artifacts and pictures, purchase a large scanner, install a security system, upgrade a bathroom to make it accessible, and work with the city to repair water damage and work on interior walls and exterior trim.

Council members will meet for another budget workshop July 8.

Last modified June 27, 2019