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Calls to Goessel occupy deputies

Staff writer

July 4 typically is a weekend many people celebrate with alcohol as well as fireworks, but Goessel seemed to be the weekend hot spot.

No one could be reached to speak about Goessel emergency activities, but scanner reports showed repeated calls to Goessel, one of which involved a neighbor with a gun and another of which involved young people harassing an old woman.

Emergency medical services were called to Peabody because someone had slit their wrists, albeit on the top of the wrists instead of the bottom.

Emergency services director Travis Parmley said by the time the ambulance arrived, the person was no longer there.

“The subject left the area,” Parmley said. “It was my understanding he had left the county.”

Police chief Dan Kinning said Hillsboro had a quiet weekend.

“We didn’t even have any fireworks complaints,” Kinning said.

Marion police chief Clinton Jeffrey also said the weekend was fairly quiet except for a sport utility terrain vehicle accident that seriously injured a passenger.

“I don’t know that we had anything alcohol-related,” Jeffrey said. “There were some calls for fireworks complaints, for shooting after hours before the Fourth.”

Peabody police chief Bruce Burke said the biggest weekend issue was traffic control after the community’s fireworks display. Four officers and two deputies were there for the evening.

“Overall it was a good evening,” Burke said.

Although messages were left with the sheriff’s office about incidents in Goessel, at Marion Reservoir, east on Lincolnville, and elsewhere in the county, no one returned a call by press time.

Last modified July 8, 2021