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Candidate Lindahl says schools are an investment

News editor

One of Doug Lindahl’s (R-Enterprise) top priorities if he is elected to represent the 70th District in the Kansas House of Representatives is providing for high quality public education.

That isn’t surprising coming from someone who served 20 years on the Chapman Board of Education from 1985 to 2005. Too many people think of funding education as an expense, but it is really an investment, Lindahl said.

He also wants to ensure Kansas’ highways are kept in good shape. Too often the legislature raids the funds set aside for transportation to supplement the general fund, he said.

Lindahl said he was concerned Gov. Sam Brownback’s plan to eliminate income tax in Kansas will drive sales and property taxes up or force drastic cuts in services. He supports keeping a balanced “three-legged stool” of income, sales, and property taxes for the state budget, because eliminating one will favor certain individuals and businesses.

“I’m not sure that’s what we want taxes to do, make winners and losers,” he said.

After a panel of federal judges redrew district boundaries, Rep. Tom Moxley of the 68th District called Lindahl and encouraged him to run, since Moxley would no longer represent Lindahl, Lindahl said. When he contacted 70th District incumbent Rep. J. Robert Brookens, Brookens also urged him to seek the Republican nomination, he said.

“I was encouraged by both the incumbents in the old district and the new district,” he said.

Lindahl has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Kansas State University and a master’s degree in guidance and counseling from Southwest Missouri State University. He is an owner, partner, and counselor in Lindahl & Santner, a professional vocational rehabilitation company.

Last modified July 11, 2012