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Canine officer finds surprise in park

Staff writer

Legion, Marion Police Department’s canine officer, recently sniffed out a surprise when officer Mike Stone let the dog out to stretch its legs in Central Park.

“Legion was running around acting crazy like usual,” Stone said. “Then he went down by the park shed and came back with a red shoe in his mouth.

He was running all over the park with it.”

Soon thereafter, a bedraggled vagrant emerged and approached Stone telling him Legion snatched his shoe while the dog frolicked in the grass with its prize in its maw.

“I guess Legion bumped the man and rolled him over before he took off with his shoe,” Stone said. “The man was lucky Legion isn’t trained to bite what he tracks.”

Stone summoned Legion and returned the man’s shoe before he instructed the vagrant to pick up his things and move along.

Last modified Sept. 24, 2015