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Centre and Marion school menu


Menu subject to change. Milk, fruit, juice, cereal, and oatmeal bar available for breakfasts. Milk and garden salads available for lunches.


Thursday — No school

Friday — No school

Monday — Waffles with syrup, breakfast sliders (Marion only), yogurt.

Tuesday — Western egg and bacon sandwich, strawberry shortcake (Marion only), toast with margarine and jelly.

Nov. 28 — Sausage pancake on a stick with syrup, lemon strawberry French toast casserole (Marion only), yogurt.

Nov. 29 — Cinnamon roll (Centre only), orange roll (Marion only), breakfast nachos (Marion only), cinnamon toast.


Thursday — No school.

Friday — No school.

Monday — Hot dog on a bun (Centre junior high; Centre and Marion elementary only), chili dog (Marion and Centre high school, and Marion middle school only), chicken and cheese quesadilla (Centre only), sloppy Joe’s (Marion only), French fries with ketchup, blueberry muffin.

Tuesday — Smothered burrito (Centre and Marion high schools, and Marion middle school only), three cheese grilled cheese (Centre middle school, and Centre and Marion elementary schools only), chicken and waffles with syrup (Centre only), chicken enchilada with white queso (Marion only), Italian bread, steamed broccoli.

Nov. 28 — Chicken patty, spicy chicken patty (Centre high school only), meatloaf (Centre only), baked ham (Marion only), mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, hot roll.

Nov. 29 — Cheesy chicken pasta with Italian bread, barbecue bacon cheeseburger nachos (Centre only), egg, bacon and cheese burrito (Marion only), cornbread, refried beans.

Last modified Nov. 20, 2018