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Dear Santa,

How is Rudoff? I want a Barbies Dream house. I will leave you chocolate chip cookies and milk.

Kara Bell

Dear Santa,

I would like Barbie dolls for Christmas. I would also like to ask for some books as well as some make up. How are you and your reindeer? I will leave you milk and cookies.

Aubreigh Rhodes

Dear Santa,

I want a Monster High Set and a Monster High house. I would also like some Monster High Clothes. How’s Rudolf? How are the elves?

Dana Davis

Dear Santa,

Can I have a toy Peregrine Falcon and a Harpy Eagle? My mom would like a diamond necklace and for my dad some new work boots. Evan would like a Paw Patrol pup and for Michael a new computer game.


Dear Santa,

I would like a toy cat for Christmas and a toy dog. My sister might want a dole my mom might want a candle.


Dear Santa,

I would like three things for Christmas and a R/C Terrain Twister and a R/C helicopter. Please can my dad have a tool set and for my mom a new blender.


Dear Santa,

I want a Xbox and a Playstation. I also want a drone that has a camera on the remote. I will leave milk and cookie and carrots for the reindeers. And I love you!

Jhet Johnson

Dear Santa,

Can I please have a fur real friend? For my family can you get them a KU poster?


Dear Santa,

I would like CD’s for my game cube for Christmas and a charger for my PVP. I want to give my mom a candle, my sister a computer, my grandma a little green tree, and my grandpa a coffee cup and my little sister colering book.

Hunter New

Dear Santa,

I would like two things for Christmas and is a Kindle and a Sooby-Doo blanket. I think dad would like a new knife and a new camo coat. Then I think Wyatt would like a toy car and a diary. I think mom would like a day off and a new book.


Dear Santa,

I want some football cards please and game called Madden 16 for 3 DS please. Please bring a drone for my dad, a stuffed bear for my sister, and a bird feeder for my mom.

Landon Parker

Dear Santa,

May I get an art set, and a radio? Can my sister Tristian get Taylor Swift?


Dear Santa,

I would like a toy crane that has two things, a wrecking ball and a rescue suit with a man in it. I would also like to ask you for a toy school house with a bell on top that will ring when I pull a string. I would like to ask you for a Bat Man costume. Would you also please give my mom the medicine she needs?

Malakhi Kramer

Dear Santa,

I want a X-Box for Christmas. Also I want a remote control helicopter and a remote police car. I will leave some cookies and milk and some messages.

R.J. Fiest

Dear Santa,

I want two things for Christmas and one a puppy and a remote contruol helicopter. Thank you Santa. I really want these things please.


Dear Santa,

May I please have a computer and a remote control helicopter? Can my dad have a day off from work? Can my mom have a horse saddle. Can my brother Gus have a toy donkey? Can my brother Lawson a stuffed animal? Can Irie have diapers?


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