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Centre questions Opaa food service

Staff writer

Board member Jesse Brunner, a frequent critic of Centre’s contract with Opaa food service, questioned at Monday’s board meeting whether Oppa’s contract, up in May, should be renewed.

Superintendent Susan Beeson said Opaa’s salad bar had been a huge benefit but Opaa’s had been unable to maintain staff.

Centre’s former cooks were employed by Opaa at first, but all three they soon quit because of rigid requirements.

Serving portions set by the government may not be enough for athletes, who burn a lot of calories. Beeson said some students supplemented meals with food from home. A microwave has been provided for warm-up.

Brunner wants to see cook positions advertised to determine whether there is local interest.

In other business, a new state law moving school board elections to November necessitated selection of a new president. Incumbent Rick Basore, named president in July, was defeated in November. Beeson said board policy on when to elect officers may have to changed.

Centre seated three new board members Monday: Eric Carlson, Heather Steiner, and Yvonne Burhoop. Vice president Mark Heiser took over as president. The board did not elect a new vice president.

The board approved a request to transport 50 to 60 students to Wichita or Manhattan after prom April 15.

It also approved out-of-district attendance of sophomore Kaitlyn Ivey-Hudson, seventh grader David Adam, and sophomore Allie Hird, all of Herington.

Last modified Jan. 11, 2018