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Centre school garden to get updates thanks to grant

Staff writer

Centre school garden will see improvements thanks to a $1,000 grant from Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.

School secretary Terry Klenda, the new garden supervisor, said the Outdoor Wildlife Learning grant would be used to attract more birds, bees, and butterflies to the site.

“Our site is pretty good at drawing in birds, bugs, and other wildlife, but it needs a water feature,” she said.

A small water hole already exists but it does not hold water, so Klenda plans to put a liner into it, along with an attached waterfall.

She plans to add more flowering plants and palm-like features around it. She will purchase barrels to collect rainwater for use in the garden.

Students have participated in several workdays to clean up the garden.

Kindergarten students are responsible for keeping the butterfly water tray filled each day. Other classes have been assigned to maintain bird feeders and hummingbird feeders.

One class recently made a pallet bridge across a shallow draw.

Sixth grade students monitor a weather station. They enjoyed salsa produced from a vegetable bed.

Klenda pulled weeds and grass during summer and planted a few vegetables and flowers taken from the school greenhouse.

The new water project may take shape this fall or next spring and will require a 20 percent in-kind contribution by the community in the form of landscaping services.

Klenda, who is a gardener herself, is excited about helping students be involved with nature.

“I want the kids to learn about plants that attract wildlife,” she said, “and I want to help them notice things. If it’s something they can handle, they like it.”

Last modified Oct. 4, 2017