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Centre teachers receive 3 percent pay raise

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Centre school board approved a 3 percent pay raise Monday and ratified a negotiated agreement for certified teachers.

Classified personnel also received a 3 percent raise.

Superintendent Susan Beeson’s salary was raised by 1½ percent to $100,373.

A contract with Deb Casey as school nurse was approved, with reimbursement for four hours per week at $20 per hour plus mileage.

Board member Yvonne Burhoop sought clarification on several items in the 2018-19 student handbook.

She wondered why three social studies courses were required but only two were listed. Principal Donald Raymer said world history is a required course for freshmen and would be added to the list.

Burhoop also questioned why students could receive two D’s in any given week and still participate in extra-curricular activities.

Raymer said his philosophy is that those activities are what keep some students in school.

“We can still intervene and provide a positive impact,” he said.

Eric Carlson said he didn’t agree with lowering the bar, but Superintendent Beeson said teachers are notified when a student is in trouble academically, and a team works together to help the individual.

Raymer said the district has hired more personnel to monitor and help students. Some students don’t respond well to rules, he said, but providing a reason for doing the work often produces better results.

Another item brought up was the change in wording from “high honor roll” to “supreme honor roll.” Raymer said the change was necessary because students now associate the word “high” with illicit drugs.

Beeson and facilities director Richard Idleman led the board on a tour of school facilities, including the ag building and weight room.

Teacher Karen Nickel demonstrated use of new interactive display boards that have been installed in every major classroom. The boards can be connected to computers and other digital devices for display and video purposes, and can be used hands-on.

Several facility changes were noted. Two music storage rooms were turned into classrooms for specialized groups of students, and two former music practice rooms were turned into storage rooms. Beeson, who is elementary school principal, now has an office in the elementary school.

After the board returned to session, Anita Svoboda shared her concerns.

“I think we keep on chopping up the building, like using closets for resource center and other things,” she said. “We need to add something.”

Beeson said that would be addressed as part of a five-year strategic plan.

The board voted to have double doors installed at the entrance to the music room at a cost not to exceed $3,200.

The board accepted a $690 memorial from the family of Donna Kristek of Lincolnville.

The board approved a resolution calling for an 8-mill levy for capital outlay that is “perpetual and ongoing.”

Out-of-district attendance was approved for Hallie Ryff, first grade; Landon Ryff, pre-kindergarten; Jordy Raymer, fourth grade; Jymer Raymer, second grade; and Jayde Raymer, pre-kindergarten.

Ashley Watchorn, Ashley Carr, and Katie Carlson were employed as aides.

The first day of school is Monday.

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