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Chili feed draws sports fans

Staff writer

George Harvey went to the chili feed with one expectation: to eat something incredible.

“I’ve been to a lot of really good chili dinners,” the self-proclaimed chili connoisseur said. “They’re all good, but they lack the thing that makes chili a great dish: spice. Usually, people are too afraid and don’t put enough in. But this chili hits the spot. It’s not hot and it’s not too mild. It’s perfection on a spoon.”

Harvey was just one of the many who attended the chili feed Friday evening. The event was sponsored by the Marion Athletic Booster Club and the money raised will go toward the high school prom.

Knowing this, many members of the community were there to support the high school students — and see the athletic teams play in the homecoming games. Organizers said they were grateful for every person who attended the event, knowing that it brought them closer to their goal.

The chili feed used to be an annual event in Marion, but has not been held in the past three years due to a lack of volunteers. But this year, they came out in stride, cooking enough for more than 250 people to have a bowl.

They used more than 20 pounds and added enough beans and sauce to make four serving trays of chili. Volunteers also made cinnamon rolls for each diner.

Chelsea Simpson was glad she did not miss her chance to support the athletic booster club.

“I came all the way from Wichita,” she said. “If I had come and they didn’t make enough chili, I would have been really disappointed that I couldn’t support the kids. Plus, nothing is better on a cold, winter day than chili. It just hits the spot. I know I came pretty late, but I was still able to eat a bowl of the hot, steaming chili.”

Steve Kill of rural Lincolnville agreed, saying he appreciated having the chili available.

“It’s great,” he said. “I can dunk my hotdog in my chili. There’s no better combination in the world.”

Others, like Diana Moulton, said they were pleased that they could add extra ingredients to their chili.

“It would have been way too bland for my taste if I couldn’t add the few extra hot peppers in it,” she said. “It made the dish taste really great. The cheese tamed it down a bit, but the jalapeños really gave it the extra boost it needed.”

Organizers said that, as long as they had enough volunteers, they would try to have the event again next year. To donate, call: (620)382-2117.

Last modified Feb. 14, 2013