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Chiropractor defines what faith-based business means to him

Staff writer

Much like his faith journey, realizing that his business was a faith-based business was a voyage of self-discovery for Lane Smith, owner of Smith Chiropractic and Acupuncture in Marion.

“When I started this office I never set out for it to be a faith-based business,” Smith said. “I was just doing what God laid on my heart.”

He said being a good Christian has always been very important aspect of his life and is something that he works toward every day, and that sentiment spilled over into his professional life.

“I try to run my business like I run my life,” he said. “Mine is a personality-driven business so it is really just an extension of who I am. I try my hardest to be like Christ to everyone.”

Since he opened his practice, he said he has utilized Biblically-based financial and leadership service that provides information and counseling to business owners on topics like getting out of debt.

“It uses Biblical standards and recommendations and showed me that I need to be a good steward to what Christ has blessed me with,” he said. “Finances are very important in our lives; it’s how we live.”

Authors and motivational speakers who focus on the topic of entrepreneurial leadership by putting God’s principles into business and finance also have influenced Smith.

“I don’t think that if you are a follower of Christ that you should exclude Him from your business,” Smith said. “I go to church on Sunday but I’m not a different person when Monday comes.”

Nevertheless, being a faith-based business is not so much about the financial aspects of his business, he said. Instead, it seems more related to customer service and a moral code of conduct while on the job.

“When people come in here I want to treat them with respect, help them feel good, and give them hope not just in their physical ailments but in their spiritual walk with Christ,” Smith said.”

He would never refuse service to a patient who may not have the same belief system as him, he said. Alternatively, when a patient doesn’t pay their bill in a timely manner or becomes difficult to deal with are the only scenarios in which his services might become restricted.

He said he tries to show Christ’s love to others by sharing his faith and supporting his patients in their times of need, and reassuring them through his faith so that they can overcome their suffering.

“I pray with patients if they are having a rough day,” Smith said. “I try to give them hope if they’re dealing with something like cancer or issues in their personal life. We’re all humans; we all make mistakes and need encouragement sometimes.”

Last modified April 5, 2017