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City clerk quickly resigns

News editor

Marion’s new city clerk, Sheila Makovec, resigned Monday after deciding it wasn’t the right job for her.

“It was just not what I expected the position would be,” she said. “It’s not for me.”

Makovec has a marketing degree, and she said she wanted a job focused on interacting with people. Instead she was surprised by how much number-crunching the city clerk does.

She said she made her decision quickly to avoid wasting the city’s time and money on training her for a job she wouldn’t be happy in.

“I’m glad that I realized it now,” she said.

She plans to continue working in the city office through Friday to keep the other city employees from being swamped by paperwork.

The city council voted Jan. 13 to offer Makovec the job after receiving five applications and interviewing three candidates.

Last modified Jan. 30, 2014