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City may boost rates

Staff writer

Marion City Council is considering raising electrical rates for the city.

City Administrator Doug Kjellin said an increase would be necessary because Kansas Power Pool is increasing their charges — up 10 percent on transmission cost and 5 percent on energy costs. Kjellin said if rates were not raised the city would have to make up the decreased income.

He suggested an increase from 10.31 cents per kilowatt-hour to 10.74 cents per kilowatt-hour, which he said would amount to a $2 increase per electric bill.

In the city’s last billed month, November, Marion paid 5.81 cents per kilowatt-hour to KPP. In 2012, the city made $617,610 off that difference, according to Kjellin’s figures. In July, the city made $80,537.

The council tabled a decision until the next meeting, 4:30 p.m. Jan. 21.

Hillsboro charges about 10.1 cents per KWH. They are also a KPP member.

Herington charges 13.75 cents for residential customers and 13.25 cents for commercial customers. Herington purchases their electricity from Westar Energy.

Peabody, Halstead, and Council Grove do not bill for electricity. Residents in those cities are Westar customers. Westar charges residential customers 5.77 cents per KWH for the first 500 KWH and 4.58 cents after that in winter and 7.10 cents in the summer. The rates are lower for commercial customers but they have to pay demand charges of up $9.10 per kilowatt.

Last modified Jan. 10, 2013