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City onboard with recycling pickup

Staff writer

Mayor Mary Olson and City Administrator Doug Kjellin both support recycling pickup for Marion.

Olson said single-stream recycling is something she has always supported.

“I think it is a good cause,” Olson said.

Kjellin was wonders how the system would work through the county but figured not much would change for the city.

He thought there would be no need to modify refuse trucks. The city has two vehicles but most often only uses the newer vehicle. The city currently has two full-time employees for refuse, but other employees are cross-trained for special circumstances, like a trash buildup after inclement weather.

With about 95 percent of waste considered for recyclables, Kjellin could foresee the city doing two days of trash pickup and one on two days of recycling.

Kjellin’s main issues are which day the county will accept recycling loads and how strict the company the county uses to collect recycling will be.

He was wondering if there would be fees for non-recyclable items submitted, like an aluminum can filled with oil.

“It would be chaos for the first six months,” Kjellin said.

With a strict recycling service, Kjellin thought bins would be a good idea to separate trash from recycling. The options to purchase bins would be to be to add the fee to the monthly bill or ask for a one-time fee.

“The reason we give out trash bags and they’re clear is because the county does not accept yard waste,” Kjellin gave as an example.

He plans to submit information to residents listing all recyclable items.

Last modified Feb. 28, 2013