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Civil cases

This information has been filed in civil division of Marion County District Court.


Brandy Lyn Kidd v. Caleb M. Kidd; agreed permanent parenting plan filed May 21; parents will have joint legal custody of two daughters; primary residence will be with the mother; father will have custody every other weekend from 5 p.m. Thursday to 6 p.m. Sunday and half of winter break, every other spring break, every Father’s Day, and every other Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Halloween.


Dillons Corporation v. Mary Kerr, 101 S. Summit, Goessel; default judgment of $723.32 made in favor of the plaintiff May 7.


In the matter of the estate of Weston Pitts; order to appoint Richard Ciemny, 7120 S. Mark Twain Drive, Derby, as special administrator made April 10. Carroll Mickelson, Diana Lynn Unkle, Debra K. Stout are heirs. Deceased owned real estate worth $50,000 or more and personal property worth $10,000 or more.

In the matter of the estate of Gladys Lucille Knapp; estate entered into informal administration and admitted to probate May 21; heirs are nieces and nephews Richard Carr; 3404 Hunter Ridge, Waco, Texas; Arthur Carr, 2733 Purple Sage Trail, Fort Worth, Texas; Brenda Swinehart, 715 Wedgewood Drive, Woodway, Texas; Rosemary Donigan, 222 N. Birch, Valley Center; John Carr, Stafford, Mo.; William A. Carr, 704 Benton, Jetmore; Thomas E. Carr, 1027 W. River Blvd., Wichita; Max E. Carr Jr., 1541 N. Church, Andover; James R. Carr, 309 S. Date, Hillsboro; David A. Carr, 1988 Nighthawk Road, Marion; Patrick L. Carr, 601 S. 4th, Marion; Michael W. Carr, 102 Burbridge, Marion; Jeanne L. Higgins, 8510 E. 29th St. Apt. 802, Wichita; Susan K. Wheeler, 2008 S. Rosalie, Wichita; Nancy C. Day, 10127 S. Webb Road, Valley Center. Devisees and legates are sister-in-law Wanda Carr, 215 N. 4th, Marion, and stepchildren Cheryl South, 214 Broadway, Plattsburg, Mo.; Rick Knapp, Monte Vista, Colo.; Margaret Shields, 1648 220th St., Fort Dodge, Iowa; Charles Knapp, 2190 E. Whitten St., Chandler, Ariz.; Mark Knapp, 387 Munich St, San Francisco, Calif.; and Ben Knapp, 2385 205th Ave., Mount Ayr, Iowa. All real property will be split with a one-half share going to Wanda Carr and a one-twelfth share going to each of Cheryl South, Rick Knapp, Margaret Shields, Charles, Mark, and Ben Knapp. James Richard Carr appointed as executor.

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