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Division cases

This information has been filed in civil division of Marion County District Court.

Bank of America, N.A., v. Twyla D. Burke, 150 Eastmoor Drive, Marion, etal.; order extinguishing redemption rights and authorizing sheriff’s deed for 150 Eastmoor Drive, Marion, issued June 5.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., v. Sri-Chol C. Brown, 105 N. Madison, Hillsboro; dismissed June 5.


Mike P. Vondenkamp v. Lisa D. Vondenkamp; decree of divorce issued June 4 on grounds of irreconcilable differences. Separation agreement and parenting plan for 12-year-old son filed. Parties will have joint legal custody and shared residential custody of their son, alternating weeks, weekends, and holidays. Petitioner will pay $110 child support to respondent per month; petitioner will pay $550 maintenance to respondent per month for 75 months or until respondent dies, remarries, or cohabitates. Petitioner must maintain health insurance for son and pay any health expenses not covered by insurance. Respondent keeps possession of various personal property, a Suburban, all funds in personal bank accounts, $50,000 term life insurance policy, and personal retirement accounts and is responsible for $400 credit card debt. Petitioner keeps possession of various personal property, all funds in personal bank accounts, Chevrolet pickup, 29-foot camper, $100,000 term life insurance policy, personal retirement accounts, and house at 428 Locust St., Marion and is responsible for a $124,185 mortgage, personal and vehicle loans totaling $33,147, credit card debt totaling $8,350, St. Luke Hospital bills of $3,300, and $14,000 owed to 401K.

Michael Edward Ottensmeier v. Toni Marie Ottensmeier; decree of divorce issued May 15 on grounds of irreconcilable differences; parties have a 5-year-old daughter. Petitioner keeps various personal property, personal bank accounts, and PT Cruiser and related debt; respondent keeps various personal property and personal bank accounts; both parties keep personal retirement accounts. Respondent assumes $7,500 debt to Ford Motor Credit; both parties assume one-half of house deficiency to Tampa State Bank. Parties have joint legal custody of their child; respondent has primary residential custody, with petitioner having residential custody every other weekend from 5 p.m. Thursday to 5 p.m. Sunday, half of winter break, all of spring break, and every other Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Halloween, and every Father’s Day; respondent will have residential custody every Mother’s Day. Respondent will pay $580 child support per month to petitioner.


Hillsboro Community Medical Center v. K.C. Jost, 1383 140th, Marion; defendant didn’t appear at April 10 hearing after posting $500 bond; bond forfeited April 27 and applied to judgment.

Small claims

Loney Riffel v. Holly Isaac, 108½ N. Main St., Hillsboro; trial judgment of $416.59 made in favor of the plaintiff June 6.

Spur Ridge Veterinary Hospital P.A. v. Lewis Litton, 711 Walnut St., Peabody, etal.; default judgment of $315.99 made in favor of the plaintiff June 6.

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