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Civil cases


Tierney Denise Fredrickson v. Michael John Fredrickson; venue changed May 7 to Reno County.

Keresa B. Stepanek v. Randolph E. Stepanek; agreed judgment of $1,980 and $250 attorney fees issued May 7 in favor of the petitioner for medical bills respondent left unpaid; income withholding order amended to $200 per month.

Janice L. Willems v. Harry V. Willems; decree of divorce issued June 11 on grounds of incompatibility. Each party keeps their personal property and bank accounts in their names. Petitioner gets real estate at 303 W. Arbor Court, Hillsboro; respondent gets real estate at 2012 Baker Ave., Great Bend. Petitioner gets joint bank account, 2006 Volkswagen Passat, 50 percent of respondent’s KPERS retirement benefit, and her Emprise Bank 401K worth $50,510.80. Respondent gets 2000 Ford Ranger, 50 percent of his KPERS retirement benefit. Petitioner is responsible for debts totaling $128,630; respondent responsible for debts totaling $30,000 and must pay $2,112.03 per month to petitioner as property settlement until she has retired and sold real estate at 303 W. Arbor Court, Hillsboro; after that, respondent will pay petitioner half of the difference between their after-tax incomes, as well as $150 per month for petitioner’s health and life insurance.

State of Kansas Ex Rel Department of SRS v. Kevin A. Miller; genetic testing determined Kevin W. Osborn had 0 percent probability of being the father of Crystal D. Miller’s minor child; Osborn dismissed from case June 11. Income withholding order of $325 per month issued against Kevin A. Miller.

SRS v. Jeremy L. Kinning; default judgment issued June 11; income withholding order for $270 per month issued against respondent as parent of Ember N. Kinning’s minor child.

Jenna Snyder, etal, v. Jeff Richmond, dismissed June 12 for a lack of evidence.

Tina Fore v. Michael L. Bass; final orders for protection from abuse issued June 11; respondent ordered not to use or threaten force against the petitioner, to have no contact with her either directly or through intermediaries, and not to go to her residence or work.

Jonathan E. Walker v. Nichole Gehrke; Walker determined to be the father of Gehrke’s three minor children and granted sole legal custody and primary residential custody. Gehrke granted parenting time on alternating weekends and holidays. No child support ordered. Walker ordered to pay SRS $2,043 for care for the children.

Alexandria Francis v. Jeremy Francis; decree of divorce issued June 13. Petitioner’s former last name, Will, restored. Parties had no joint property or debt to divide; each party has possession of their personal property.

Limited Civil

Credit Management Services Inc. v. Sara Crum, 271 350th Road, Tampa; default judgment of $890.20 plus $298.89 interest and $81 court costs made in favor of the plaintiff June 8.

Credit Management Services Inc. v. Melissa Baca, 208 Marion St., Lehigh; default judgment of $1,66.36 plus 449.13 interest and $81 court costs made in favor of the plaintiff June 8.

Credit Management Services Inc. v. John Liles, 206 S. Ash St., Hillsboro; default judgment of $543.50 plus $21.89 interest and $126 court costs made in favor of the plaintiff June 8.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Brenda L. Dawson, 610 Sherman St., Marion; respondent granted automatic 14-day extension to answer suit June 7.

Cotton O’Neil Clinic v. Bonnie Samuelson, 105 N. Birch St., Hillsboro; dismissed June 11.


In the matter of the estate of Evelyn Ruth Delk; filed by Margaret Elaine Tice; will admitted to probate June 13. Deceased died May 1 in Wichita. The will named James Eugene Delk as executor of the will, but he declined. Margaret Elaine Tice and Martin Tice were named as co-administrators and required to post $50,000 bond.

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