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Civil cases

This information has been filed in civil division of Marion County District Court.

Cottonwood Valley Bank vs. Seacat Hardware Inc., 1228 Commercial Drive, Marion, et al.; order for immediate delivery of personal property issued Sept. 19; sheriff commanded to take possession and deliver to Cottonwood Valley Bank President Barry J. Linnens all hardware store inventory, equipment, and 1979 Chevrolet pickup, with a total estimated value of $249,036 as personal property collateral; Cottonwood Valley Bank to hold property to await further court orders; Cottonwood Valley Bank posted bond of twice the value of the property.


Elizabeth O’Brien vs. James O’Brien; dismissed Sept. 12.

Jaime Melson vs. Christopher Melson; dismissed Sept. 12.


Newton Healthcare Corporation vs. Christopher John Luce, 419 N. Freeborn St., Marion, et al.; dismissed Sept. 12.

Equable Ascent Financial LLC vs. George Alvan Miller, 2274 350th, Lost Springs; dismissed Sept. 19.

McPherson Hospital Inc. vs. Tara C. Luna, 2209 Kanza, Hillsboro, et al.; judgment of $408.44 in favor of plaintiff Sept. 12.


Estate of Edna S. Banman; final settlement; cash balance of $116,496.59; deceased had four heirs, Linda Schmidt of North Newton, Kermit W. Banman of Hesston, Leroy Banman of Hesston, and Mary Ann Bartel of Drake, Saskatchewan, Canada; deceased’s devisees and legatees were heirs plus Mennonite Mission Network, Janell Hawk of Newton, Sharon Fox of Newton, Paula Steel of Newton, Richard R. Schmidt of North Newton, Terri Wedel of Newton, Steven Schmidt of Moundridge, Sandra Janze of Coaldale, Alberta, Canada, Vera Weber of Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada, Philip Bartel of Drake, Russel Bartel of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Sheryl Miller Kelso of Dalhart, Texas, Glenda Miller Cardwell of Whitby, Ontario, Canada, Roy Max Miller of Amarillo, Texas, Jeffrey Banman of Lenexa, and Christopher Banman of Stillwell; estate divided with one-fourth shared equally by heirs, one-fourth shared equally by nephews and nieces, one-fourth to Commission on Home Ministries of the General Conference Mennonite Church, and one-fourth to Commission on Overseas Ministries of the General Conference Mennonite Church; $8,111.45 paid to executor and attorneys.

Jade Lammon, et al.; dismissed Sept. 12.

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