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Civil cases


Nicole Victoria Owens vs. John D. Owens; decree of divorce made Oct. 1 on grounds of incompatibility; petitioner’s maiden name of Delcastillo restored; petitioner granted sole custody of child with no child support.


Credit Management Services Inc. vs. Amanda A. Marler, 101 S. Birch St., Hillsboro, et al.; judgment of $3,235.48 made Oct. 4 in favor of plaintiff.

Funk Rentals vs. Amanda Sigman, 306 E. 2nd St., Hillsboro; judgment of $1,649.33 made Oct. 1 in favor of plaintiff.

Rozetta Wagner vs. Rick Claassen, 731 Newell, Peabody, et al.; on Oct. 9, Wagner granted possession and restitution of 731 Newell, Peabody, effective 5 p.m. Oct. 11.


Estate of Marcel W. Benda; order for partial distribution of assets and partial payment of attorney fees made Oct. 9; heirs are Irma J. Benda of Marion and William E. Benda of Marion; while awaiting liquidation of some assets, land, stock, and livestock distributed equally between heirs; partial attorney fees of $10,762.02 paid; partial administrator fee of $8,071.52 paid to William E. Benda.

Estate of Ralph Bernhardt; final settlement made Oct. 1; sole devisee and legatee is Arlene D. Huddleston; $7,845 executor fee paid to Dennis W. Moody.

Estate of Martin R. Hajek; final settlement made Oct. 1; cash balance on hand was $10,350.35; heirs are John M. Hajek of Tampa, Mary A. Whitchurch of Pembroke Pines, Fla., Susan K. Rowley of Chesapeake, Va., Joan M. Hillyer of Shawnee, Diane M. Challacombe of Manhattan; $4,729.50 attorney fees and expenses paid; $2,150 executor fee paid to John M. Hajek; residue of estate divided among heirs.

Estate of Menno E. Regier; granted informal administration Oct. 1; heirs, devisees, and legatees are Doris L. Regier (trustee), Doris L. Regier of North Newton, Myron T. Regier of Haysville, and James E. Regier of Whitewater; real estate assigned to trust.

Small Claims

Renee Livingston vs. Samuel Jerome Regin, 4061 Boyd, Wichita, et al.; bench trial and judgment Oct. 3; defendant awarded possession of English bulldog puppy.

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