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Civil cases

This information has been filed in civil division of Marion County District Court.


Pamela K. Newlin vs. Jerome D. Creed; protection from abuse proceedings dismissed at agreement of parties.

Don Reimer vs. Sheryl Reimer; decree of divorce issued Dec. 12 on grounds of incompatibility; settlement agreement filed Dec. 5; parties had no minor children; in settlement, petitioner receives property at 819 80th, Walton, $72,500 debt, and car; respondent gets $45,000 of petitioner’s 401K account and car.


GE Capital Retail Bank vs. Dale M. Buchanan, 673 N. Walnut St., Marion, et al.; dismissed Dec. 12.


Estate of James Stang; final settlement made Dec. 11; real estate sold; decedent had six heirs; they are three adult children: Amanda Morris of Wichita, Joseph Stang of Wichita, and Nathaniel Stang of Hillsboro; and three minor children: Victoria Stang, Cassandra Stang, and Shepherd Stang, all of Hillsboro; estate administrator Ron Stang paid $1,000; Frank M. Ojile paid $3,844 for legal work; guardian ad litem Cathleen A. Gulledge paid $2,558.88; minor children each granted an extra $5,000 before division of estate into equal one-sixth shares for each heir.

Last modified Dec. 19, 2012