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Class earns $160k in scholarships

After 4 years, total could exceed $480,000

Marion High School Class of 2017 collectively accepted $160,377 in scholarships for their dual credit and transition into different continuing education, according to information provided by school counselor Mark Felvus.

If students continue meeting the requirements of their respective scholarships and scholarships are all received across the next two to four years the award amount could potentially triple to $481,534.

The total amount does not include results of scholarships that have yet to be awarded.

There are more than 20 scholarships throughout the city and county available to students each year.

The Class of 2017 received numerous national certifications in certified nurse’s assistant, certified medical assistant, and various levels of certified welding.

Many local scholarships are around $500, some larger, and some statewide, regional, and national scholarships reach $2,000, while other state scholarships reached up to $9,000 per year and out-of-state scholarships reached $14,000 per year.

Scholarship recipients include:

Noah Albin, Tyler Arocha, Nathan Baldwin, Victoria Boyd, Aidan Cairns, Katelyn Christensen, Falon Crawford, Emily Davies, Jimi Dornbush, Shelby Felvus, Kaitlyn Goebel, Emily Hague, Cade Harms, Molly Hess, Jeremy Hett.

Also, Marissa Jacobson, Jarrett Johnson, Joshua Knolla, Paige May, Taylor May, Madison Miller, Taelyn Pagel, Mason Pedersen, Shonda Ratzloff, Devin Regnier, Seth Savage, Bryce Shults, Ethan Thornbro, and Haley Wattson.

Last modified May 17, 2017