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Clerk helps landscape courthouse

Staff writer

Marion County hasn’t hired a new groundskeeper for the courthouse. New flowerbeds on its northwest side are the work of County Clerk Tina Spencer and her family.

“A couple years ago, a Girl Scout, Nicole Sanders from Peabody, came to plant flowers for a project,” Spencer said. Nicole had to go before the commission in order to get permission for the project.

Her group then planted flowers on the southwest part of the building and put in a drip system.

Spencer was so impressed that she wanted to help finish the project. She finally had time to do so this year.

The county paid for most of the supplies. Spencer’s family donated a few flowers from Warrior Soil greenhouse, a school-run project in Peabody, and donated time to the project.

“My family helped me do it,” Spencer said. Spencer’s family helped with the project from 1:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Sunday.

“We always want to try to make things look good,” Spencer said. “Something about having plants around makes things nicer.”

Last modified June 18, 2015