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Comedic hypnotist will kick off Friday’s entertainment

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The first entertainer to take the Chingawassa stage at 6:30 p.m. Friday will be Edward Wunder.

Wunder will present a comedic hypnosis show billed as “That Hypnotist.”

Based out of Lincoln, Nebraska, reviews praise Wunder’s presentations hilarious, delightful and entertaining.

“Volunteers on stage will be the stars,” Wunder said.

He lets 15 to 20 volunteers come from the audience perform in his act.

“We’re going to take them to a luxury resort,” he said. “They can swim with dolphins and ride the world’s tallest roller coaster.”

Each show is different, he said.

“The show is in their heads, and they share it with the rest of them,” Wunder said.

Certified in hypnotism since 2003, Wunder has performed on stage since 2005, primarily in Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and Texas.

He said Chingawassa sounded like a great time and a wonderful venue.

He and his wife plan to leave Nebraska as early as possible to be here for Chingawassa.

“We’re coming in to enjoy the entire festival,” he said. “We’re not just performing and leaving. We’re going to enjoy it as much as we can. I can’t wait.”

He said his show was family friendly, with nothing that would embarrass people.

Performing is his full-time job, but as a board-certified hypnotist he also works with people who want to lose weight, quit tobacco, improve their sports performance, and deal with post-traumatic stress.

He was inspired to become a hypnotist when he read an article about a surgeon in New York who hypnotized his surgical patients.

The patients needed fewer medications, got out of the hospital sooner, and recovered more quickly, he said.

This story replaces a previous version that profiled an incorrect performer.

Last modified May 30, 2024