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Community steps up to make holiday bright

Staff writer

Three mothers who asked online for help giving their children a happy Christmas found many people willing to help.

Hillsboro resident Skye Kurtz asked whether anyone had toys or clothing for a 4-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy.

“We are pretty tight on funds right now and haven’t been able to afford any presents for our kids yet,” she said. “Anything helps. Thank you all and God bless.”

Two people offered girls’ clothes and seven people offered toys.

Marion resident Tena Lundgren offered a doll.

“Times are tough this year,” Lundgren said. “The reason I try to help is because I know how hard life can be at times. Christmas is about Jesus, giving, sharing, peace, and joy. I had a few things on hand for presents and, to me, there is no better feeling then to be able to give. God Bless you this Holiday season!”

Kate Winter asked for help and got so much response she thanked everyone.

She could not be reached for further comment.

Kiana Fairchild said she had a 16-year-old special needs son.

“I can not afford to get him anything for Christmas. Does anyone know where is giving presents out? I missed the sign up time for the Salvation Army. He needs clothes terribly. I am on a fixed income and my husband just lost his job. We had to quarantine because my son’s teacher had COVID.”

Several people asked what her son might like and wanted to know his clothing size.

One woman responded with an offer to purchase items said she knew the son from her school days.

“I know Josh from school and was in his older brother’s grade,” the woman, who didn’t want her name used, said. “His brother was always very kind to me, and Josh in particular was always so sweet! He’d often stop me in the hall to say ‘Hi’ or tell me I looked pretty and it was always a fun time in what was usually a boring day at school. I also believe if you help others then help with also come to you, so I try to reach out to others when I am able to.”

Another woman, who also did not wish to have her name used, said she offered to purchase items for the boy out of the spirit of Christmas.

“Christmas is a time of giving, considering the greatest gift that we have received, Jesus, our Savior,” she said. “I love the whole Christmas season, all of the preparations, but it still all comes down to that little baby. We have been extremely blessed, and we don’t want to see anyone go without, especially someone with children. This has been an especially difficult year for many people due to COVID. Since we are retired, we didn’t have to worry about losing jobs, and our children are grown, so we feel that if we can help someone else we are glad to do that. I would hope that if we were ever in this situation someone would be willing to help us. That is the beauty of living in a small community where we help each other out. Jesus is the reason for the season!”

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