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Competition leads to higher ACT scores

News editor

Not long after learning that Marion High School’s ACT scores went up with the class of 2013, Principal Tod Gordon and counselor Mark Felvus began getting even better news about the class of 2014’s scores.

Seven of this year’s 42 seniors have scored 30 or higher on the test. They are Jordan Laurin, Alicia Maloney, Caitlyn Maloney, Lauren McLinden, Nick Meyer, Zach Robson, and Kaelyn Thierolf.

Within that group, there is a nearly constant academic competition. Alicia Maloney said that after getting their scores on a test or paper, they immediately compare scores. She said they like one-upping each other.

“And rubbing it in each other’s faces when we do,” Caitlyn Maloney added.

Alicia Maloney said having that friendly competition is good for those students, because it drives them to do their best.

“It’s almost like a sibling rivalry among us,” McLinden said — except for the Maloneys it is a literal sibling rivalry.

“It’s kind of neat that they’re pushing each other,” Felvus said.

Felvus said those students have done some goal-setting based on scholarship availability. He said one of the students, who got a 31 on the ACT, plans to take it again, because the premiere scholarship at Kansas State University requires a 32 ACT score.

Then the competition comes in to play again. Felvus said one of the other students, who currently has a 32 on the test, may retake the test to retain bragging rights if the other student improves to 32.

Gordon said he is glad to see students pushing each other, and he is especially glad to see students retaking the test with an eye on getting better scholarships.

“These kids get it,” he said.

Felvus said the class has several other students who earned scores in the high 20s on the ACT, as well.

Of the students with a score of 30 or higher, all except Thierolf plan to attend Kansas State University. Thierolf plans to attend the University of Kansas.

Last modified Oct. 16, 2013