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Computer scams on the rise

The Better Business Bureau of Kansas is alerting consumers about a phone call scam where the callers are representing themselves as Microsoft employees or computer repair technicians.

They claim to want to update or repair computer problems so they can gain remote access to personal information on computers.

Callers request that persons pay for their services by credit or debit card. They then talk consumers through steps that give them remote access to their computer.

For those who keep checking accounts and pay bills online, this could be very dangerous.

Some of the organizations that cybercriminals claim to be from are Windows Helpdesk, Windows Service Center, Microsoft Tech Support, Microsoft Support, Windows Technical Department Support Group, and Microsoft Research and Development Team (Microsoft R&D Team).

The grandparent scam has reappeared. Grandparents receive a call from an individual posing as their grandchild requesting financial assistance because they are in trouble, i.e. have car problems, are in jail, and so forth.

Scams of this nature play on natural concern for loved ones. The BBB cautions anyone receiving such calls contact family members and the BBB before sending or wiring any funds.

Scammers have countless ways of separating people from their money.

For questions or more information, contact the Better Business Bureau of Kansas at 1-800-856-2417.

Last modified March 29, 2012